Louie Blystad-Collins

Cinematographer / DOP

-Camera & Lighting-

07787 826961 mail@louiebcollins.com

Old Drama Showreel 2001-2010


I’m a Bristol based Director of Photography/Cinematographer with over 17 years of experience in all genres ranging from dramas, commercials, music videos, corporates, documentaries, interviews etc.

I am based in the southwest (Bristol), but have worked in 23 different countries, and am happy to travel when needed.

I am known for my lighting, and take pride in applying it to any style or look that is needed for a project. I love the challenge of bringing other people’s ideas, scripts and characters to life, and adding atmosphere and ‘feeling’ to any job.

Whether telling a story, presenting a product, campaigning for a cause, or simply ‘setting the scene’ for a character, that is what inspires me in what I do.

I also run master-classes at various films schools, and I can supply my own extensive lighting kit. I own a full sized steady-cam rig, an Easyrig, and a 4/8ft motorised programmable slider that can take any camera.

Please download my CV for more info.


07787 826961