Louie Blystad-Collins

Cinematographer / DOP

-Camera & Lighting-

07787 826961 mail@louiebcollins.com

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6 From 8

Official trailer for the feature film '6 From 8'. A British biopic inspired by the best selling autobiography 'Against all odds' exploring the shocking true life story of Paul Connolly.

Old Drama Showreel 2001-2010


I’m a Bristol based Director of Photography/Cinematographer with over 18 years of experience in all genres ranging from Dramas, Feature films, TV & Cinema commercials, Music videos, Corporates, Brand films, Documentaries, Online how-to videos, Interviews etc.

I am based in the southwest (Bristol), but have worked in 23 different countries, and am happy to travel when needed.

I am known for my lighting, and take pride in applying it to any style or look that is needed for a project. I love the challenge of bringing other people’s ideas, scripts and characters to life, and adding atmosphere and ‘feeling’ to any job.

Whether telling a story, presenting a product, campaigning for a cause, or simply ‘setting the scene’ for a character, that is what inspires me in what I do.

I also run master-classes at various films schools, and I can supply my own extensive lighting kit. I own a full sized steady-cam rig, an Easyrig, and a 4/8ft motorised programmable slider that can take any camera.

With my background in shooting film, I have a love of optics, and how lens choices can add huge production value, style, cinematic feel, let alone a filmic character to digital cinematography. 

As a result, I have an extensive collection of vintage 35MM film lenses with different 'looks', and have many ANAMORPHIC lenses, which when combined can create a wide range of characteristics for any project. Whether that be nostalgic cinema, epic CinemaScope composition, swirly smooth bokeh (soft backgrounds), or just appealing soft edges or distortions for a stylised film look. Using these 2x anamorphic optics we can crop to any aspect ratio, from super widescreen 3.56:1, to classic Ultra Panavision 70mm Cinema 2.76:1, or down to the more standard 2.4:1 frame size. You can still deliver your project in 16x9 format for use on all devices, it would just have a black letterbox on screen. 

All my kit can be hired and added to a bespoke package for your project and budget. Please contact me with any questions, or if you just want to discuss the options, or see more examples of what we could create.

Low res 3.56:1 aspect ratio test
Example of vintage lens test for flare and softness- Low res

Please download my CV for more info.


07787 826961